Why You Need Window Film

Ever had the problem of sitting on your sofa relaxing when someone walking past your home looks directly through your window?

Do you have a conservatory that gets too hot in the summer?

Do you have a porch that people can see directly into and you would like some privacy?

Are you tired of keeping your blinds closed all day as you know once you open them your neighbours can see directly in leaving you with no privacy?

If you have any of these problems or you simply just want all the benefits our window films provide then why not give us a call?



Applying the film instantly reduces visibility from the outside, this will directly improve your privacy during the day. Allowing you to see out of your window as normal, yet reducing and/or completely blocking vision from the outside.


Heat reflection

The window film reflects a high percentage of solar heat. This Keeps the property cool on hot summer days which makes it ideal for conservatories and porches, as well as buildings with large open glass prone to overheating.


Reduce Bills

In winter the film helps to reduce heat loss from each window as it reflects most of the heat back in to your property. This keeps it warmer for longer periods and assists in the reduction of your heating costs, in turn saving you money.



The window film makes it difficult during the day for thieves to see in to properties from the outside. If they cannot see your valuables they are less likely to attempt a break, which deters theft keeping you safe.



Once applied, our window films help to hold together shards of glass in case of a smash. This stops the glass from falling all over the floor, reducing the risk of your children stepping on the broken pieces.


Skin care

As we are all aware, UV rays can be harmful for our skin and can increase the risks of developing cancer. With one of our window films applied it instantly blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays which will also help reduce the risk of skin damage.


Reduce Fading

The two main causes of fading is damaging UV rays and solar heat. Once our window films are applied they can block up to 99% of UV rays and 78% of solar heat. This protects and reduces fading to furniture and carpets inside your property.


Maintenance Free

Once our window films are applied you do not have to do anything to maintain them, this includes not even having to open or close them which makes your life that much easier. They can also enhance the external appearance of your home.



Our window films help to reduce glare by up to 77% allowing you to look at those beautiful sunny skies, without squinting as much or putting unnecessary strain on your eyes. This benefit also helps if you are using the computer during the day.

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