How it Works

We apply a high-quality grade window film to your existing windows. This differs to the films applied on car windows as those block majority of the sunlight from penetrating the film.

We pride ourselves in the application of our window film. Once applied to your windows it is hardly noticeable during the day and does not severely block light.

We will be with you during the process and advise you on which film we think will be suitable based on your needs, this will be done during our consultation.

Once the film is applied the visibility from the outside is instantly reduced. Further to this depending on which film you have chosen, the external view can either be drastically reduced or completely blocked. You will still be able to see everything clearly from inside of your property and nobody will be able to see from the outside during the day.

Once the installation is complete you are free to sit back, relax and enjoy your new daytime privacy as well as the extensive amount of additional benefits it provides!

Note: Please bare in mind the privacy element for the window film works best during daylight hours when you need it most. All the additional benefits work 24 hours a day. For the maximum benefit of this product we recommend using them in conjunction with blinds or curtains, however this is not necessary. The window film will grant you privacy during the day and the blinds or curtains at night.

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